Tele Style Guitar
Tele Style Guitar

My Creative Process: 

Wood sets the stage. A pre-cut, routed Body, a neck, arrives unfinished, raw. Sealed, prepped, and base-coated with color of choice, the wood is ready to receive my painting process: Time. Creative thinking. Imagining. Taping. More creative thinking. Tweaking. Inspiring. Innovating.  Mocking-up. Designing. Shaping. Lining. Cutting. Patterning. Melodies emerge. Paint answers the call. Brushes stroke the music forward. Sand paper cleans and clarifies. The orchestra roars with a super gloss finish. Serious shine seals the deal. The instrument gathers direction, flavor, as hardware and parts beckon the call. The finished product is a completely unique piece of art that sounds, feels and plays as striking as it looks.   

ES-335 Style Guitar
Jazzmaster Style Guitar
Tele Style Guitar

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