Julie Rosenberg
Julie Rosenberg

Not everyone wants a guitar off the rack. Not everyone wants to get behind a guitar that blends in with the scenery. For the musician who wants to stand out from the crowd and bring people one step closer to their vibe, my guitars will fit right in, to their scene.


The guitar I offer you is hand-painted, one-of-a-kind, designed and assembled with electronics and hardware that not only look the part, but play the part. The sum of its parts is one extra-ordinary instrument. It begins with the Body. Each Body takes its licks, brush-strokes that draw character, expression into view.


Hardware, electronics and parts, including Bodies and Necks, are selected from well-known, industry-leaders in guitar part manufacturing and also, lesser known, boutique guitar builders and artisans. The assembly, set-up and clear-coat finish is achieved through the expertise of Luthiers.


Purchase a guitar, in stock or place a custom order. Choose a Body style, neck, hardware, electronics, according to your preferred specs. Purchase a Body, solo, and build it into your dream guitar or give your own guitar a make-over.  

Whether it is a painted headstock that floats your notes or a painted Body that strings your audience to you. If you want a guitar that augments the reality of the status quo, then my guitars will sweeten your spot.  





Painting the guitar has always been about the Music. My connection to Music. I am a painter, musician and physical therapist. I studied jazz guitar in high school and in college. I rocked out in bands as lead guitarist in high school bands and I continue to play guitar and drums today. I painted my first guitar bodies in the 80s. The artist Kandinsky, and others, especially my mother, Dyan Rosenberg, informed my artistic energy and sensibility. In each of my guitars, I give 100% of my passion and energy into the process of painting and designing them. The end result is  guitar for the musician who desires stunning sound in a visually inspiring instrument.