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Julie Rosenberg Custom Guitar.
Julie Rosenberg Custom Guitar.

My artwork always starts with a vision. A pattern or color scheme emerges in my mind and it brings me to paint. The guitar Body is my canvas of choice. Somewhere along the line, music meets me in the middle and completes the circle. A song, a genre a decade of music closes the loop, set-lists the soundtrack playing on my mind's turntable. 

My process begins with an unfinished, pre-cut, pre-routed guitar Body and an unfinished neck. I hand-paint using paint brushes, not an air brush. I design each guitar by selecting the pickups, hardware, accessories and the color of the wiring to reflect the vision in my mind. I use clear pickguards to show the anatomy of the working parts of the instrument. My team of Luthiers are expert finishers and builders that assemble the finished product. If you want a guitar that augments the reality of the status quo, then my guitars will sweeten your spot. 

My designs are not pre-drawn, traced or sketched. I paint as I go. The inspiration to paint often times is a particular color that shows up in own mind and then the shapes emerge. I approach a design head-on, attack it like a riff. No holding back. I leave it all on the field. I envision the accoutrements that will complement my artwork. I gather the accessories, mixing my finishes to set the vibe of the guitar. 

Fidelity to one's own brand is key, to me and has been the mantra in my family, growing up. There are many artists along the way who have informed my work, but it's my childhood home where my exposure to art was full-blown. My mom's art filled the walls. Her furniture designs and needlepoint were our ottomans and tables. I learned that every brush stroke was worth taking, on and off the canvas, and it is not only OK to play it loud, it is essential.


As a musician and artist, I give my creative process the room to grow and change, until the equation is balanced, harmony and dissonance comingle. I am drawn to classic undertones in music and in art and insert my out-of-the box flare. I am not a whimsical painter. I am not a trained painter. I view my artwork on the guitar as a series of musical vignettes that reflect the sound of colors.

My guitars are meant to be played, on stage, in the studio, in your living room by everyone from weekend twangers to the professionally gigging artist. They will also look great on your wall. In addition to guitars in-stock, I accept custom orders to make your dream guitar, come to life. 

Jazzmaster Style Guitar
ES-335 Style Guitar
SG Style Guitar
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