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Julie Rosenberg Custom Guitar.
Julie Rosenberg Custom Guitar.

My artwork always starts with a vision. A pattern or color scheme emerges in my mind and it brings me to paint. The guitar Body is my canvas of choice. Somewhere along the line, music meets me in the middle and completes the circle. A song, a genre a decade of music closes the loop, set-lists the soundtrack playing on my mind's "turntable." 

My designs are not pre-drawn, traced or sketched. I paint as I go. The design informs the direction. The inspiration to paint shows up in several places, but most importantly, in own mind. Many times it is the colors themselves that show up in my mind first, the artwork and design follows. As I paint, I begin to see accoutrements, parts and hardware, colors and styles that will become the guitar's overall look and feel. I love patterns: stripes and plaids, geometric shapes, they all ignite my senses of curiosity and creativity. 

I begin with an unfinished, pre-routed, pre-cut Body and neck. Once the wood is prepped for paint, I get to work. Once I am done with my painting and design, the finisher sprays the clear coat and other Luthiers I select to work with install the components and set-up the guitar. The entire process takes around 12-14 weeks. The result is an electric guitar that anthems art and music. Not long after I breathe it all in, the next vison comes along, staves the page, hums a bar. The next creation emerges. 

Fidelity to one's own brand, is key, to me. There are many artists along the way who have informed my work, but in the end, it is most important that I create what I feel is my own work. I have always been in touch with my own sense of style and preferences, as an artist, having grown up in an environment that was filled with my mother's art. The music my parents listened to, including 70s disco, rock and jazz, influenced me very much. 


I strive to give the creative process the room to grow and change, until the equation is balanced, harmony and dissonance are comingling. I like classic undertones and elegant overtones, out-of-the box flares. I am not a whimsical painter. I am not a trained painter, but aspects of colors, the way they throw light and contrast into the mix, is what guided me to the next step. I view my artwork on the guitar as a series of vignettes, sounds of colors that float and interact.

I use a paint brush and paint. Not an airbrush. Plenty of time for creative thinking. Imagining. Rethinking. Taping. More thinking. Doing. Tweaking. Inspiring. Risking. Innovating. Mocking-up. Designing. Shaping. Lining. Cutting. Patterning. Paint answers the call. Brushes the record, the design forward. The orchestra roars when a super gloss finish seals the deal. Flavor's aroma takes its bite. A full plate of visual art is served with plenty of tone. My guitars are meant to be played, on stage, in the studio, in your living room, by weekend twangers to the professionally gigging artist. They will also look great on your wall. In addition to guitars in my inventory I am happy to take custom orders and make your dream guitar, come to life! 

ES-335 Style Guitar
Jazzmaster Style Guitar
SG Style Guitar
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