Tele Style Guitar
Tele Style Guitar

My Creative Process: 

Wood is the canvas, sets the stage. I begin with an unfinished, raw, pre-formed, drilled and routed Body. An unfinished neck. The wood is sealed and prepped. The base-coat color is selected and applied, sets the stage for my artwork. My painting process includes plenty of time for creative thinking. Imagining. Taping. More creative thinking. Tweaking. Inspiring. Innovating.  Mocking-up. Designing. Shaping. Lining. Cutting. Patterning. Melodies emerge. Paint answers the call. Brush strokes push the music forward. Sand paper and steel blades clarify the emerging design. The orchestra roars with a super gloss finish. Serious shine seals the deal. The instrument gathers direction, flavor develops. Hardware and parts are selected. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind instrument. A work of art that sounds, feels and plays as striking as it looks.  

ES-335 Style Guitar
Jazzmaster Style Guitar
Tele Style Guitar
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Tele StyleGuitar