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**THIS IS NOT A FENDER GUITAR. Alder body. Matching painted headstock. Clear urethane gloss headstock and neck shaft finish. Gemini Gold Foil (Guyatone spec goldfoils), custom hand-wound pickups 7kbridge, 6.5k middle, 6k neck. A5 bar magnet, 43awg formvar, Wax potted. Haramis Musical Hardware, custom knobs, switch tip, whammy bar tip. pots. Hipshot® locking tuners. CTS® 250k control pots. PureTone® jack. Kluson® Vintage Steel Block Tremolo bridge, Chrome, with contemporary narrow spacing [string Spacing E to E = 2 1/8 in. (54mm). Individual string spacing = 27/64 in. (10.8mm). Mounting Hole Spacing Ctr to Ctr = 2 7/32 in. (56.5mm)]. Bone nut. 0.47 tone capacitor. Chrome strap buttons and neck plate. CRL® five way switch. Clear pickguard and spring cavity cover. Strings 10-46 gauge. 


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