Julie Rosenberg
Julie Rosenberg

My reason for painting the guitar Body didn't occur in isolation of any one thing, but was rather a culmination and expansion on ideas and directions already taking shape.

It was definitely inspired by my love of the guitar - playing it and looking at it.

I started playing guitar at age 9. Around age 12, my parents bought me my first electric guitar. It was a burgundy color, Carlo Robelli, SG copy. I loved it. The way it felt, smelled and sounded, its weight in my hands, the smooth lacquered finish, shiny chrome pickups, even the case with magenta fur lining, fascinated me.

Growing up in the 70s, in Westchester County, NY, my guitar idols were Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. Drummer: John Henry Bonham. Artistic informers, beside my mom, most notably were Kandinsky and Picasso and my record album art covers (Yessongs, in particular!). I painted and sketched throughout high school, played lead guitar in a few different rock bands, studied music and entered college as a Jazz Guitar Major. My mom, a needle-point designer, painter, business woman, home and furniture designer, entrepreneur, completely influenced my creativity and artistic sensibility. My father, a laser-focused athlete and entrepreneur in the world of business and Real Estate, deeply influenced me as an athlete and student in what would become my professional career as Exercise Physiologist and New York State Licensed Physical Therapist.  

I painted my first electric guitar Body in 1987 upon graduating college. I bagged the Body, literally, kept it in a duffel bag, moved it from apartment-to-apartment over the course of several years while I pursued my career in Healthcare until 2006 when I finally came up for air and had that Body built into what would be my first Hand Painted, Custom Guitar. Since then I've painted many more guitars.

Today, I am pleased to offer guitarists a line of guitars that embody high-art and fine instrument. Through the convergence of art and music, my guitars and basses take creativity, tone and vibe to a whole new level. Complementary to my one-of-a-kind, hand-painted designs, is an ensemble of pro-level parts and hardware selected for their quality, sound and appearance. Each guitar is designed to immerse the musician and their audience in a more complete artistic experience of playing music. 


Here are some of the Benefits to owning one of my Guitars:

  • One of a kind art work that further sets the musician a part from the rest

  • Bodies and necks sourced from notable, reputable builders in the USA

  • Electronics and hardware sourced from well-known, market leaders and artisan, boutique builders with an eye on innovation and originality   

  • Waterborne poly and nitrocellulose laquer finishes, available

  • Options/accessories: hand painted matching headstock, hand painted pickguard 

  • Guitars currently can be ordered directly from Julie Rosenberg Custom Guitars

  • Custom orders accepted


The reason I paint each guitar by hand, as opposed to spraying paint, is because of the hand-to-eye, muscle-memory, tactile features that comes along with using my hands. The effect is time-liberating, not time-consuming, and multi-sensorial. The deliberate use of clear pick guards and control plate covers invite viewers to peek into the guitar's harmonious inner workings, a symphony of hardware that collaboratively works with the musician to produce the sound of this amazing instrument. 


As an active artist and musician in my community, I play live on guitar and drums for local events and, of course, jam sessions with friends and I'm on the Advisory Board of the Katonah Museum Artists' Association.

My focus is on maximizing the creativity and individuality within myself, in each guitar I paint and the musician who plays it.


To get my artwork on a line of your guitars, to carry my guitars in your shop or show in your art gallery, please contact me.

For more information, please contact me.

From my hand to yours,