Julie Rosenberg, Artist
Julie Rosenberg

The guitar Body is my canvas, a natural landscape onto which the relationship between art , science and music collides and interacts.

I painted my first electric guitar Body in 1987 upon graduating college. My reason for painting the guitar Body didn't occur in isolation of any one thing, but was rather a culmination and expansion on ideas and directions already taking shape.

It was definitely inspired by my love of the guitar - playing it and looking at it.

I started playing guitar at age 9. Around age 12, my parents bought me my first electric guitar. It was a burgundy color, Carlo Robelli, SG copy. I loved it. The way it felt, smelled and sounded, its weight in my hands, the smooth lacquered finish, shiny chrome pickups, even the case with magenta fur lining, fascinated me.

Growing up in the 70s, in a suburb close to NYC, my idols were Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. I emulated them while playing lead guitar in high school rock bands. I studied music and entered college as a Jazz Guitar Major. But by graduation I had shifted into the discipline of health science & human performance because this was the other half of my being. The two fields, art and science, seamlessly connected me, at my center.

While my father, a laser-focused athlete himself, greatly contributed to my growth and development as an athlete, my mom, artist Dyan Rosenberg, deeply influenced me as an artist as  she infused our childhood home with colorful, dynamic paintings and as an entrepreneur, built a business designing furniture, needlepoint & building homes.

As a visual artist, I've always been drawn to bold color and geometric style design.

Kandinsky's musically inspired masterpieces captivated me at a young age. My older sister, Stacy Rosenberg, a trained illustrator, led the way and showed me how to do block lettering in 9th grade. All this along with an early intervention approach to art, which included being surrounded by it in books, regular trips to museums and galleries, iconic fashion shops of NYC paved the way for a mindset built on creative and critical thinking, applied imagination, open mindedness, willingness to take risks, perseverance, respect of the process, and the belief that innovation can turn dreams into new realities.  

The reason I painstakingly hand paint each guitar Body, as opposed to spraying paint, is because of the hand-to-eye, muscle-memory, tactile features that come along with this process. The effect is time-liberating, not time-consuming, and multi-sensorial. The deliberate use of clear pick guards and control plate covers invite viewers to peek into the guitar's harmonious inner workings - wired metallic elements and circuitry - that collaboratively along with the ensemble of parts and hardware work with the musician to produce the sound of this amazing instrument. 

From my hand to yours,


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Julie Rosenberg, Artist